Friday, 22 May 2009

NGOs in Jordan should direct attention to women in rural areas

 As a journalist I noticed that so many women organisations received foreign funds to implement projects related to women and raising democratic awareness among women with focus on rural areas. But unfortunately they establish a very slow progress in that regards. We as journalists we should monitor and watch such projects for the sake of public benefit . In order to prevent a kind of corruption or misuse. 

On the other hand education is the best solution to establish a change especially among rural women.The mother should start from home applying the idea of equality among sisters and brothers .


we ;) like to see all the women in the  world are having well-being and stability .As well , hope to see them having their own choice to be achieved .


Help women to participate more in economic and political activities as well as well as decision making ;)

Women empowerment in Jordan is mainly about granting women the opportunity to practice their skills more confidently . We want the society members to help their daughters, wives and sisters to know their rights and become more independent.